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Tuttlingen is a small town located in the south of Baden-Württemberg near the Swiss border. It is a rather peaceful district town with about 30,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless, as soon as they pass the town sign, the visitor can quickly say goodbye to the romantic idea of a sleepy town in the midst of green nature. Anyone coming to Tuttlingen will enter the „world centre of medical technology“. This self-assured statement is based on the fact that there are about 400 companies in the region, which together account for around 50% of the world market share of surgical instruments.
At Endodoctor we are part of this cluster – and we’re proud of it. We learned our trade with the world market leaders in our industry. Since the founding of the company Endodoctor has been steadily developing,which gives us impetus to carry out our everyday tasks. The basis for this constant upward movement lies in the service we provide. Since the beginning, we have been maintaining and repairing endoscopes and instruments from all of the various brands. The repair spectrum extends from video endoscopes to endoscopy cameras and the optics for most medical devices.
As a result of increased demands from users and trading partners, we are developing and producing new endoscopes for a wide range of applications in our manufactory. Compatibility with existing systems is always the focus.
In addition to marketing our own products, we are also increasingly active as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The work we undertake for our partners goes from the installation of customer-oriented components to complete development and serial production. The advantages of Endodoctor relate, on the one hand, to the lean company structure, and on the other hand to our location in Tuttlingen, probably the most famous medical technology cluster in the world.
The presence of excellent and highly qualified medical technicians is the basic prerequisite for us being able to offer our customers the highest quality and precision at a reasonable price.

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