Endoscope Repair Service

As the very first online-service-repair company, Endodoctor GmbH offers a strategic opportunity with fast and simple solutions for first class repairs of: Rigid Endoscopes, Flexible Endoscopes, Endo-Sonographs, TEE-Probes, Compressed-Air hoses, Fibre-Optic, Light Cables, Scissors, Scalpels. Forceps, Punches, Rongeurs, chisels, Spoons, Curettes, Hooks, Elevators, Needleholders, Clamp Forceps, Sping Forceps, Abdominal Retractors.

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If there are any problems creating your accompanying document, you can send your shipment document to Endodoctor by Telefax: +49-(0) 7467 – 94 51 89 1

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