Quality Management

The quality policy

For us, quality means that we always act in accordance with the wishes and expectations of our customers, taking into account the legal and official requirements applicable to us in our area of responsibility for the repair of surgical instruments and medical technical equipment, without losing sight of the necessary business aspects. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. When we talk about customers, we mean external customers as well as internal customers. We are convinced that a functioning quality management system has to consider the entire value chain.

Our quality system was created to make our processes reproducible and to avoid mistakes. Endodoctor GmbH regularly undergoes strict audits by the certification body and maintains a quality management system according to ISO 13485:2016 for the following areas of application:

“Manufacture, distribution and repair of endoscopes and endoscopic accessories ”

The objectives

Customer satisfaction

All responsibility towards our customers comes first. As we operate in the field of medical technology, we are aware that customer satisfaction is very closely related to patient safety. A constant exchange and dialogue with the user should help us to further sharpen our feeling for possible improvements in the process flow and thus to come into a state of constant progress.

Avoidance of Errors before Troubleshooting

One of the most elementary factors of customer satisfaction is the handling of complaints. We are aware of the fact that errors can occur. It is important that we learn from these errors in order to avoid them. The identification of possible sources of errors in advance is a task that must be developed for all employees in the company. The annual number of complaints and the average processing time should be the measured variables for dealing with complaints.

Quality-conscious employees

All employees are expected to support our quality policy, as it is ultimately determined by the behaviour of the people involved in the process. In order to achieve a corresponding understanding and awareness of the necessity of our quality system, it is a concern of the management to train all employees involved in the process at regular intervals and to inform them about the status of the process.

Quality-conscious suppliers

Since we at endodoctor GmbH strive to view the value chain in its entirety, we regard our suppliers as an essential part of the quality system. We expect them to share our understanding of quality and support us in fulfilling our tasks. Price should not be the sole decision factor. The 100% fulfilment of the assured characteristics and punctual delivery are the focus for us.

Safe handling of customer property

As a repair service provider, we act to a large extent the property of our customers. We treat the customer’s property with the same care as we treat our means of production. In addition, we have undertaken to protect the transport by means of a generally valid carrier’s insurance, which protects the customer’s property during transport in the event of loss or damage. These precautionary measures are intended to ensure that the customer’s property is protected, even beyond our legal responsibility.

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