Direct supplier for endoscopes is back in Switzerland

ENDODOCTOR, as a direct supplier of endoscopes for medicine, takes into account the steadily increasing demand on the Swiss market.

ENDODOCTOR GmbH, manufacturer of endoscopes for medicine, is once again focusing more strongly on the Swiss market with its product range for doctors in private practice and hospitals and will in future sell these exclusively through the Swiss branch of the distributor ACO Medic GmbH Rodersdorf.

The continued growth in demand for practice equipment due to stricter legal requirements regarding reprocessing is also having a positive effect on the demand for ENDODOCTOR endoscopes in Switzerland. The product range now covers all diameters and lengths and can easily replace almost any existing endoscope. We are also continuously expanding our service department. The reduction of downtimes and the rapid restoration of business operations in the event of defects has become a central concern of practices and hospitals of all sizes. A repair can be a worthwhile alternative to a replacement. For this reason, the repair of endoscopes will also remain an essential part of our service in Switzerland.

The medical profession in Switzerland rightly has high expectations of the care provided by the manufacturer as well as by its distribution partners. We have found a strong partner in ACO Medic GmbH, both on the logistics side and in the marketing of our products. From now on ACO Medic GmbH will distribute the entire product range of ENDODOCTOR, which is a perfect complement to the products we have been distributing so far, such as medical microscopes, medical cameras and magnifying glasses.

It will remain our goal to maintain the favourable prices. “Just because our customers practice on the Swiss high-price island, they do not necessarily have to be disadvantaged by the famous Swissness surcharge. For us it does not matter where in the world we deliver. We produce in Germany and calculate our prices accordingly”, says our managing director Thomas Schneider-Strittmatter: Direct supplier for endoscopes is back in Switzerland



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