Endoscopes for ENT at the 21th ENT and HGA Congress (Assises de Nice)

We can look forward to a successful start to the year. For the second time Endodoctor GmbH participated with its international sales team at the ENT congress in Nice. The focus was on the established physician, to whom we offer a real partnership with our marketing strategy. It has been repeatedly shown that there is a desire for expert advice. For this reason, we will continue to use the international and national congresses to speak to our customers at regular intervals, which is not always possible in sufficient form in the daily work of the doctor. In this way, we will market our endoscopes for ENT worldwide.

There is great interest in the integration of endoscopic images into the practice software. In this area, we have already been able to record a significant gain in recent years. The sale of this documentation system will also be an important part of our offering this year. Strategic alliances have been formed for this purpose to ensure problem-free and secure adaptation of the system.

The repair of endoscopes also increased its sales significantly in France. What our customers particularly appreciate here is the quality that we can offer thanks to our many years of training and work with the various market-leading companies in the field of rigid and flexible endoscopy. Challenges, such as somewhat longer repair times in individual cases, are mastered by specially designed and adapted warehousing.

Endoscopes for ENT will continue to be an important component of our business activities in the future. We can therefore say that we will remain true to our roots even in the tenth year of our existence and look forward to a successful and eventful year together with our ENT doctors.