New software for our MED-Cam digital endoscope camera

With the current release (V1.2.200429) of the software for our MED-Cam digital endoscope camera, for the first time there is the possibility to choose between the operating systems Windows or MAC.

With this offer, we are responding to numerous suggestions from our customers, as practice has shown that both systems have their loyal followers. With this further development, we will be able to considerably expand the circle of our potential customers.

In addition to compatibility with both operating systems, numerous other requirements were implemented.

The new software is available for free download

The completely revised appearance aims at simple and intuitive operability through few, clearly recognizable input options. All necessary functions such as image and video recording, storage in the PACS or on hard disk or important basic camera settings can be operated via two freely programmable buttons. In addition, there is always clear feedback from the interface that inputs have been correctly recognized and implemented.

We are convinced that with this user interface, one can speak without restriction of a user-friendly design with a high “usability”.

Of course, this update is available to our customers for free download.

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