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about us / med-tech  made in Tuttlingen / Germany

Within just 5 years Endodoctor GmbH has become one of the most successful medical-technology companies in the field of Service & Repairs for Endoscopes and Surgical Instruments, based on the focused approach specific to the Medical Device customer needs. We provide complete maintenance solutions for all major brands of Flexible and Rigid endoscopes, surgical instruments. Endodoctor has in-house capabilities to service all Brands and models of rigid endoscopes .

Service and Repairs for Endoscopes

The Service & Repair offerings cover the whole spectrum from Video-Endoscopes, Endo-Cameras, Rigid Endoscopes as well as most med-tech machines. Regardless of the manufacturer and exclusively in accordance with strictly defined standards, we repair and maintain all devices in our certified service-center.

Endodoctor GmbH is based in Tuttlingen / Germany, well known as being the Word’s Nr.1 Med-Tech center. The presence of highly qualified experts in the Med-Tech industry is the prerequisite to provide our customers with the highest precision and quality repairs at very competitive pricing.


After gaining of annex V of the Directive 93/42/EEC on medical devices , we extended our program by building new endoscopes and MIC instruments. On this account we also provide Endoscopes and Instruments as OEM for many Tuttlingen trading companies. So Endodoctor has quickly established and positioned itself as one of the German top brands.

Endodoctor now satisfies the needs of Rigid and flexible Endoscopic Surgeons and Specialists, who are in constant need of high quality endoscopic instruments, HD scopes and high quality equipment at cost effective prices. One of our strengths is the excellent dialogue with development partners, who are of central importance in terms of the intelligent handling and functionality.



Our objective is to supply products which not only meet the quality demands of our customers, but exceed them. endodoctor  has implemented a total quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and the European legislation concerning medical devices. Of course, relevant national regulations have been taken into account as well. Experienced Technicians follow standard operating procedures and All repairs are inspected by our Quality Control department.


History of endoscope development

The first endoscope was developed in 1806 by Philipp Bozzini – a German Surgeon – with his introduction of a light conductor, designed for the examinations of the human body. This very day this scope exists at the accommodation of Vienna Medical Society.

One major step in the improvement of endoscopy was the use of electric light. By using a filament lamp the illumination level has risen very much.

Coupled with the work of optical designer Harold Hopkins Karl Storz played a crucial role in the development of endoscopy. It was however, the combination of engineering skills and vision.

Today we can say that endoscopy is a standard all around the world. Especially German products are well known. Worth mentioning that almost the half of global market hail from just one place, a small town in Baden-Württemberg called Tuttlingen. It is the home of more than 600 surgical equipment companies ranging from one-man to multinational enterprises. We from endodoctor are proud to be part of this medical cluster.



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